Upon entering the studio, students should look, act, and feel like dancers. We want our students to take pride in working to achieve their goals in their dance education. By encouraging your child to follow these rules, you help us preserve our professional atmosphere and provide a quality dance education for your child. These rules are written for the benefit and safety of all our students.

Ø Hair must be secured back away from the face in buns, ponytails, or braids.
Ø No waiting outside for parents.
Ø Show proper respect to your instructors and assistants.
Ø Students should arrive on time and be prepared for class.
Ø All one hour class Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun.
Ø No gum chewing or eating in the studio or waiting room.
Ø No street shoes on the studio floor. Dance shoes should be worn only in the studio.
    If they are worn any other time, then they are street shoes.
Ø All students shall follow class attire as listed on the Class Attire sheet.
Ø No hanging on the barres.
Ø Do not lean or put hands on the mirrors.
Ø No student shall be in the studio unless the teacher is present.
Ø No T-shirts are allowed in class.
Ø Keep your belongings together in the dressing area so that you do not lose anything.
Ø No jewelry is to be worn in class.
Ø No drinks other than plain water in studios.

Dance Step will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Studio Rules

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